17th STRAMU Würzburg - Festival for StreetArt

21.-23. August 2020

Applications for the 17th STRAMU Wuerzburg are possible utill feb 28!

How to participate:

1. Simply fill out the online application.
2. You have to add a live video to your application. Links to soundfiles etc. can´t be accepted. A live video on the streets is better than a video of a stage show!
3. Wait for our confirmation till the end of March.
4. Receive your playtime schedule in August.
5. Be in Wuerzburg on the STRAMU weekend, play good shows and get back home with a full hat.

Money? Accommodation? Food&Beverage?
You’ll get travel reimbursement and we’ll provide you with simple accommodation in the inner city. You’ll get f&b every day during festival hours. You keep the hat money und you can sell your CDs by yourself.
For street art companies, street shows and walk acts without CD selling we pay a little extra fee to enable you to come.

There are no stages at all on STRAMU! The eye-to-eye-performance with the audience is what you love? Then it’s you who we’re looking for.

Sound system? Loudness?
In Wuerzburg there are bigger and smaller places and we choose the right place for your show. We take care that you won’t be disturbed by the next artist! There are as well places for very silent shows, just tell us what you prefer. We recommend small amplifiers for the shows next to the tram line or on the old bridge. Big sound systems are not allowed! . Only little backline is allowed, no monitors! Acoustic set is absolutely enough for the little places in Wuerzburg.

Shall I take part?

STRAMU is not recommended for rock- and coverbands and similar sound system based bands and not for shows made for the stage, but for every show which can be performed on the pavement in the inner city.


If you don´t get an invitation for this years STRAMU you can still participate! We will provide an area in the inner city where everybody who wants to show his talent will receive playing time in front of our audience! For further information check ”Freiufer” verlinkt!

How to apply?
Simply fill out the online-application form with all available informations and send it right now. If we need more information from you, you’ll hear from us by e-mail.

The City of Wuerzburg does not assume del credere liability in context with acitivites concerning the STRAMU.