08.-10. september 2023

Applications for 2023

Travel expenses, accommodation, meals, fees?

STRAMU will reimburse you for travel expenses as indicated in the application form.
We will provide you with simple (multi-bed) rooms in the city center of Würzburg.

Regional artists and participants of the Sparda-Nachwuchspreis can unfortunately not yet be reimbursed for travel expenses and accommodation. However, after consultation it is possible to get Bayerntickets of the DB-Mainfrankenbahn.

During the festival hours there is catering for everyone in our backstage area.

STRAMU does not pay any fees. The artists receive their wages in the form of hat money or through the sale of CDs, which from experience works very well.
For street artists without CD sales we can pay a small expense allowance.




Your performances will take place at about 24 places in the pedestrian zone of Würzburg.
Here you will perform alternately with other artists. Usually you can stay at one place for one day and we try to avoid changing places during the day as much as possible.
As far as the duration and frequency of the performances are concerned, we try to follow your wishes as much as possible.

All venues are equipped with a simple electricity connection and a pavilion (as rain or sun protection) as well as lighting in the evening.

You bring all the necessary equipment with you.
STRAMU deliberately does without stages, so you play directly on the pavement to interact directly with the audience.

Backstage / Festival office?

The festival office and the backstage area, where you can leave your equipment, are located in the citizens’ office of the city hall.


Allen Künstler:innen, die keine Einladung von uns erhalten, bieten wir auch dieses Jahr wieder die Möglichkeit am STRAMU teilzunehmen.

Mit dem Freiufer steht euch hier ein Off-Festival zur Verfügung, bei dem alle Kurzentschlossenen noch Spielzeiten und Platz erhalten werden.
Nähere Infos hierzu findet ihr ab Sommer auf dieser Website.


Der Sparda-Nachwuchspreis mit Preisgeldern in Höhe von 1.500,-€ richtet sich nur an Künstler:innen aus Unterfranken und Tauber-Franken, die bis 27 Jahre alt sind und pflasterfähige Kultur darbieten können.
Erfüllt ihr die Voraussetzungen? Dann haltet euch schon mal das STRAMU-Wochenende frei!

Participation rock bands / cover bands?

From experience, the STRAMU is not suitable for classic rock or cover bands, if only because of the required amplification technology and because the STRAMU is not designed for a stage program.
But if you want to embark on the adventure of a street show, Würzburg is the place to be!

Amplified or unamplified?

Würzburg with its numerous larger and smaller places is suitable for both.
We will choose a suitable place for you and make sure that there is no interference from the neighboring artists.

Large amplifiers are not allowed! We recommend to bring small amplifiers, because the ambient volume in a crowded city center is not to be underestimated.

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