Sparda Bank Nuremberg e.G.

Mr. Schindler, Chairman of the Executive Board

"STRAMU and Sparda  Bank have a lot in common: STRAMU is for free and for everyboday and SParda-Bank offers everone a free bank giro account."


Distelhäuser Brauerei

Achim Kalweit, Business manager

"The partnershop with the STRAMU festival shows our regional roots and our cultural engagement. Can you imagine something better than drinking a refreshing Distelhaeuser beer while you are entertained by talented artists."



Wolfgang Meier, Director

"The TAKENET – Team loves art and culture! And for this reason we love to support STRAMU with our know how, ideas and energy. We wish the artists and visitors a wonderful and special festival."


DB Mainfrankenbahn

Peter Weber, regional branch manager

"STRAMU is a cultural higlight for Wuerzburg and the region Mainfranken. We, the MAINFRANKENBAHN, are close to our region and we engage us for the cultural diversity like the STRAMU! The MAINFRANKENBAHN enables also artists and visitors to arrive relaxed without parking problems at the nice town Wuerzburg with our special offers.



Tom Cadera, CaderaDesign

„CaderaDesign stands for beautiful and innovative design. The STRAMU stands for beautiful and innovative music and art. Therefor we took the chance to provide the STRAMU and it´s fans with an app, so that every visitor can find his favorite musician."

www.cadera-apps.de, www.caderadesign.de

EyeSee Druck & Design

"Official supporter of great ideas!" What would be a better match?! A partner since 2012, EyeSee supports us with everything from offset print to merchandise and displays to large format prints.


SchenkSpass Veranstaltungen

Partners from the beginning, SchenkSpass support us with everything that concerns tents, light & sound and the neccesary personal.


Radio Rockcorner

Regional, private internet radiostation, broadcasting a STRAMU radio-show every thursday 7pm-9pm.

"Every musician that inspires the people in the streets today, through internet radio inspires the whole world tomorow."