STRAMU Wuerzburg - International Festival for Street Music and Street Art


With up to 100.000 visitors, the STRAMU festival is one of the biggest festival for street music and street art in Europe.

Every year in September, hundreds of artist from all around the world meet up in our beautiful city to perform their shows of music, dance, juggling, theater, artistry and much more. Renowned international street artists perform right next to regional musicans as well as up and coming artists. The whole pedestrian zone is turning into one big theater for an entire weekend.

On more than 20 pitches, the visitors can experience all forms of street art. Without stages or dividing structures and barricades, the artist perform right on the street.

STRAMU is a buskers festival! The artists are payed no performing fee. We cover transport, accommodation and f&b. You, the audience, pay the artists by rewarding them with a few coins (or bills) in their hat or by buying a CD.

As the STRAMU festival takes no entrance fee, we ask you to reward all our artists kindly!

Your STRAMU-Team.