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BEHR HALLE – what & where is that ?

There is a beautiful, somewhat hidden place that was former known as „Efeuhof“:

„Behr Halle“ ist a covered inner courtyard.

Main entrance of the town hall (coming from Grafeneckart), then immediately to the left.

Concerts take place there, which – even more than at all the other StraMu venues – depend on quiet and listening. That’s why there are seats here.

Apart from that, it’s the same as always at StraMu: listen and if you like it, throw some money into the hat.

The concerts always last 45 minutes – we are happy if the audience is punctual. But you can also enter during the concerts – but please do so quietly.

Spontaneous performances @ „FREIUFER“

The festival within the festival:
On the „Freiufer“, from the riverside promenade at „Alter Kranen“ to the pedestrian zone around the Vierröhrenbrunnen, musicians and artists can perform at the StraMu spontaneously.

Available on Saturday & Sunday 12.00 – 22.00

how to?

On both days (Saturday & Sunday) the playgrounds will be allocated at 10 a.m. each day.

Registration takes place at the Freiufer itself.

We usually get all the artists in, but there is no guarantee.

You can play up to 4 x 45 minutes per day, less is of course also possible!

who can participate?

Everyone who wants to!


No electricity allowed and no playback. No complete drums, loud drums, loud wind instruments or similar, as we have to be very careful about the volume. Battery amplifiers are allowed (if it gets too loud, we have to intervene).


Participation in the „Freiufer“ costs nothing, of course.

Hat money is a matter of course at STRAMU.

You can also sell your own CDs during and after the performance.


For three days, the Stramu team researches and screens all performances in the regular festival program (all artists except those from Freiufer).

On Sunday evening, the three „StraMu Discoveries 2023“ will be chosen in the Rathaus Ehrenhof.

„ZASTERKLANG – DER SPARDA FÖRDERPREIS“ is endowed with 1,500 euros and is donated by Sparda Bank.



in 2023:

  • La Marionetterie
  • Sissos
  • „Der Katze und die Hund“


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