08. September - 10. September 2023

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Important festival info

from A-Z

All venues are barrier-free, admission is free, catering prices, grounds and program are completely family-friendly. 

Seating is available in the Rathaus Ehrenhof, Unterer Markt and Eichhornstraße.

A pub in Würzburg is called “Standard”. It is located near the Juliuspromenade stop.

On Friday and Saturday employees and musicians meet in the Standard.

From 22:00 o’clock there are concerts with StraMu artists.

Which artists will perform is decided at short notice.

The artists receive their entire fee from your hat money.

The philosophy of street art also applies at STRAMU with the motto: “If you like it, throw something in the hat! By the way, this is also sustainable, because only satisfied artists like to come back!

For those who want to rest their feet in between, there will be seating at the Unterer Markt, sponsored by the “STRAMU e.V.”  and Distelhäuser. You can also bring your own food and eat it here.

Support the Festival by putting your deposit tokens in the boxes at the StraMu e.V. food stands!

There soon will be a festival app for iOS and Android.
Download the app from the appstore.
Thanks to Webfactor, who built the Apps.

In the app there is all info about the program:
– Which performances are taking place at the same time?
– For which performances has the time changed?

As usual, the programme will be available for download here on our homepage from mid-August.

Printed versions are available during the festival at the information desk and at all venues.

StraMu is (and will be) a free festival.

But: Where ever you can support the artists.

Our Info Stand will be located above the market place at “Einhornstr.”

Here you can get the STRAMU ribbon, the printed programme and CDs as well as information about the STRAMU Association.

Of course, you will also get help and answers to (almost) all your questions about the festival here.

The hands-on programme on Sunday at the Unterer Markt invites our young guests in particular to try out, discover and experience.

see all infos here

You want to join or support STRAMU in the long term? Here you can find all information about our support association

Every Thursday from 19-21 hrs, the private station Radio Rockcorner broadcasts a colourful mix of musical STRAMU highlights on www.radiorockcorner.de.

A piece of the festival to take home and show off.

The proceeds from the sale go directly to the StraMu e.V. support association. All info about the StraMu wristband & Shirts here.

Travel with the “Bayernticket” for up to 5 people, 1 day, all of Bavaria, bus and tram free of charge. 

This will get you to your destination cheaply, environmentally friendly and comfortably. Without stress and traffic jams. 

Please come by public transport, parking spaces in Würzburg are limited.

Our toilet trolleys are located at the Rathaushof, in the Karmelitenstraße & in the Dominikanergasse.

You can also find the locations of other public toilets on our city map.

Also look out for the 43 “Nice Toilet” signs of local businesses!

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