Performance Sites

in the pedestrian zone of Würzburg

Your performances will take place at about 20 locations in Würzburg’s pedestrian zone. The locations change a little every year – the current list (changes still possible) can be found below.

You will perform here in rotation with other artists. Usually you can stay at one place for one day and we try to avoid changing places during the day as much as possible. We will also try to adapt the duration and frequency of the performances to your wishes as much as possible.

All venues are equipped with a  electricity connection and a pavilion (as rain or sun protection) as well as lighting in the evening.

You have to bring all the equipment you need. StraMu deliberately does not use stages, so you play directly on the pavement to interact directly with the audience.

Planned venues

  • (1) Rathaus Innenhof (Ehrenhof)
  • (2) Unterer Markt
  • (3) Marienplatz
  • (4) Burger & Beer
  • (5) Dominikanerplatz
  • (6) Kaufhof
  • (7) Wilhelmstr./Eichhornstr. 
  • (8) Eichhornstr. (QR Code)
  • (9) Oberer Markt
  • (10)Blasiusgasse (TK Maxx)
  • (11) Schmalzmarkt
  • (12) Domplatz
  • (13) hinterm Dom
  • (14)Ende Plattnerstr.
  • (15) Burkadushaus
  • (16) Innenhof Erlöserschwestern
  • (18) Schenkhof
  • (22) Behr Halle (Efeuhof)
  • (27) Augustinerkirche
  • (23-26) Freiufer

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