08. September - 10. September 2023

The festival wristband & shirt

I wear StraMu

You wear StraMu and support the festival

The STRAMU festival wristband and the festival shirt help us to finance the festival.

The wristband and the festival shirt are a wearable souvenir of StraMu. The sales help us to continue to put on one of the most charming European festivals for street art in all its diversity.

The income from the sale of the ribbons helps us to secure the StraMu: The more than 100 helpers on the festival weekend should still be paid. The prices for drinks should remain at the usual low level. And there are still bills to pay – the sale of the wristbands helps us to finance all this.

The StraMu should (and will) remain free of charge.

You can get the wristbands & festival shirts at the info stand above the market place (entrance Eichhornstr.).

There is a special feature for the festival shirts:

We have some suggestions how the shirt looks like. But in the end you decide.

Choose from some graphic elements and decide which elements should be where on your shirt. We print the shirt on site and you can take it with you right away.


How do shirts & wristbands look like ?

 What are the prices ?

The sample shirt like on the picture costs 20 Euro.

If you customize it, it costs 22 Euro.

The festival ribbon costs 3,- Euro.

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